St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church

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2000 Elizabethtown Road
Lumberton, North Carolina 28358

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(910) 739-4723 / Fax: (910) 739-5443 

Mission Statement

The Church is the living body of Christ in which all share in various and diverse ways the responsibility for the mission given to the Church by the Lord to: • Worship God in joyous celebration of the Mass and sacraments • Proclaim the Word of God to all people • Witness the love and redemptive healing of Christ • Serve those in need in both Church and society.

Sunday Mass Obligation Returns to the Diocese of Raleigh

Beginning Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022, Bishop Zarama has lifted the dispensation that has been in place for the Mass obligation for Sundays and Holy Days for the faithful in the Diocese of Raleigh. For centuries, the Catholic Church has had in place an obligation for Catholics to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. Importantly, the Church specifies that the elderly, sick, those with pre-existing health conditions or other vulnerable people are always dispensed from this Mass obligation. In some instances, the bishop or pastor may “lift the dispensation” among the faithful. This may occur during severe weather, for instance. Most recently, this has been the case during the COVID pandemic. As so many of the faithful gather for Easter Masses, Bishop Luis offers this reminder that the obligation to attend Mass is also an invitation to return to our churches and renew ourselves in receiving God’s love through the Eucharist. “The doors of our churches are wide open,” said Bishop Luis. “Now let us open our hearts, embracing each other in community and fully embracing the gift of God’s love with an open and joyful heart.”

La obligación de la misa dominical regresa a la Diócesis de Raleigh

A partir del Domingo de Pascua, 17 de abril de 2022, el Obispo Zarama ha levantado la dispensa que ha estado vigente para la obligación de Misa para los domingos y días santos para los fieles en la Diócesis de Raleigh. Durante siglos, la Iglesia Católica ha tenido la obligación de que los católicos asistan a misa los domingos y días santos. Es importante destacar que la Iglesia especifica que los ancianos, los enfermos, las personas con condiciones de salud preexistentes u otras personas vulnerables siempre están dispensados de esta obligación de masa. En algunos casos, el obispo o pastor puede "levantar la dispensación" entre los fieles. Esto puede ocurrir durante el clima severo, por ejemplo. Más recientemente, este ha sido el caso durante la pandemia de COVID. Mientras muchos de los fieles se reúnen para las Misas de Pascua, el Obispo Luis ofrece este recordatorio de que la obligación de asistir a la Misa es también una invitación a regresar a nuestras iglesias y renovarnos en la recepción del amor de Dios a través de la Eucaristía. "Las puertas de nuestras iglesias están abiertas de par en par", dijo el obispo Luis. "Ahora abracemos nuestros corazones, abrazándonos unos a otros en comunidad y abrazando plenamente el don del amor de Dios con un corazón abierto y alegre".

Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church
Inclement Weather Policy

In order to help ensure the safety of our Parishioners, the Church and other facilities will be closed and religious education, groups, committees and clubs will not meet or use Parish facilities and grounds under the following conditions:

  •  When Roberson County is under a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watch, and during the storm.
    • The most common cause of death in our area from these storms is from people trying to drive through flooded areas.  As the rain is falling, please stay home.  When it clears, stay out of the flooded areas on roads and bridges!  We want to see you safe!
  • If there is a threat of ice on the roads or roads are covered with ice and/or snow.
    • Roberson County lacks the ability to clear snow and ice from secondary roads and neighborhood streets.  Please stay home until it melts.  It usually won’t last more than 48 hours.
  • Electricity is out at the Church
    • We will notify you if there is a power outage at the Church through Social Media and the Parish app. 
  • The Governor declares a state of emergency asking people to stay home in Roberson County.

In all cases the Parish Staff will communicate over Social Media to let the members of the Parish know that we have closed and to let them know when we have opened the facilities back up for regular activities.


Reverend Zacharie Lukielo Tati

Deacon / Diácono

Patrick Snyder

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P. O. Box 2249
Lumberton, North Carolina 28358