St. Francis de Sales Catholic Parish of Lumberton, NC

At St. Francis de Sales,  organizations of the parish are divided into seven major ministries:

  • Maintenance 
  • Liturgy 
  • Youth
  • Adult Catholic Movement 
  • Communication 
  • Social
  • Finance 

Representatives from each of these groups serve on the ministry board, literally bring all the players to the table. As they gather, ideas are shared, events are publicized, and support is offered. The chair of each board is called a Commissioner and his or her task is to be a servant leader to others, maintaining the lines of communication, working to support the individual members, and coordinating the efforts of the Commission to fulfill the mission of the Parish. 

They work in tandem with the staff member whose department is associated with the commission, the commissioner and staff liaison ensure that all members of the commission maintain their formation and continue their education. 

This Commission Structure is designed to enable integration (coming together) and collaboration (working together). With a commission, we can be sure that all groups and ministries have a voice, that all have a seat at the table and that all know what is happening in the community.