St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church

2014 Awarded to:

Sharon Moran

Larry Barnoski

Samara Honore

Dot and Tony Cabral Scholarship Fund

KoC have the distinct honor of presenting the KoC Dot and Tony Cabral scholarship to three students who have excelled academically in their studies and spiritually in their devotion to the Catholic faith and St. Francis de Sales parish. Dot Cabral, so faithful to her parish, always wanted to award our youth and encourage them to continue their studies after graduation from high school. She worked diligently to keep the scholarship in the focus of the knights. Her devout husband, Tony Cabral would always ensure that the scholarship issue was on the agenda at the monthly meetings. Upon the passing of Dot the Knights changed the name to the KoC Dot Cabral scholarship. With the passing of Tony the Knights voted to change the name of the scholarship to the present name “KoC Dot and Tony Cabral Scholarship.” Since its conception, the scholarship has benefited 13 students of our parish totaling in excess of 6k dollars. Larry Barnoski graduated from Lumberton Senior High School and will be attending East Carolina University. Samara Honore is a graduate of the Robeson County Early College and will be attending the University of Dayton. Sharon Moran graduated from St Pauls High School and will be attending Methodist University. We want to wish each of these students the very best and thank them for their service to their respective schools and communities and especially to their parish, St. Francis de sales catholic church.