St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church

Faith Formation for Students

Sunday Faith Formation Class in English (9-10:15 a.m.)

Faith Formation Class in Spanish (12:15-1:30 p.m.)

Faith Formation registration has begun.

Parents should register kids "ASAP" after any mass in the Church Office or the link below.

All Faith Formation classes will begin on

Sunday First day of class will be September 18th at 9am.

All students’ grades kindergarten through high school are welcome! It is very important that you register your child or children as soon as possible. This will enable us to plan for classroom space, purchase of adequate materials and supplies, and making sure we have enough catechists.

English speaking 9am Faith Formation Registration begins this weekend after each English mass. Parents may come to the church office after 5pm mass, 8am mass, and 10:30am mass to register their child(ren). Parents may also register their children online by visiting the link below at their convenience.

$25 for 1 child, $40 for two and $50 for 3 or more in same family

Parents and faith formation teachers are reminded to schedule and plan to attend our parent meeting September 11th at 9am in the Social Hall.